Europe Tour: London

Now that my body clock is sort of back to normal, I can finally blog about the best experience of my life. After working a grueling seven days a week for some time now, I decided to take a break and spend two weeks wandering around Europe.

My first stop was London. I flew on Delta, and the 15+ flight wasn’t that bad because of the great service. The scary thing about landing into London, though, was finding a way to our hotel in Notting Hill. And the one thing I wasn’t prepared for was the cold. It was freezing! Although I consider anything below 70 degrees cold, I packed light… too light.

While in London, I visited Buckingham Palace, got lost on the train and had the the best pistachio gelato in my life. I didn’t have a chance to shop at Harrods, but overall, London was a fabulous start to a soulful adventure.

Here are a few picture of London:

Europe: London

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My cousin Kristen, her boyfriend Bennett and I arrived in London around 5a.m.


Stay tuned for more blogs and insights of my European tour.