Eating Kalihi, old-style

Eating Kalihi, part 2

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It’s on a golden street of faded low-rises, light industrial and old-time good eats, and until this year I never knew Chun Wah Kam was among them. That’s the theme of Part 2 of this series on old-school Kalihi eats: peeks into places you’ve always passed by.

Some of you may know Chun Wah Kam’s location on Kalihi Street, one block up from its more famous manapua competitor, Libby’s. But did you know the business is 70 years old? That old Wah Kam Chun started it as a noodle factory in wartime Chinatown? That even though his grandchildren have expanded it to four locations now, from Kapolei to Waimalu to Ala Moana, those noodles are still the heart of the operation, and the heart of the heart is on Kalihi Street?

Chun Wah Kam Noodle Factory
505 Kalihi St.

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