Eat the Street Japan


We feasted last night at Eat the Street Japan on everything from azuki/sweet potato popsicles (with iso peanuts) to sushi to teri burgers with a namasu relish. Plus, with Kawaii-Kon happening the first week of April, cosplayers came out in full garb to compete in a costume contest.

Here are our @nonstophonolulu Instagrams from the night:

Eat the Street Japan – our Instagrams

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Oishiiii! @onopops’ Kooky Azuki’ with azuki and sweet potato ice creams studded with iso peanuts and mochi is like a creamy chilled mochi treat #eatthestreet #japan #ourkakaako

More scenes from ETS

Eat the Street Japan March 2014

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Butter mochi from No Ka Oi!