Eat and drink this now: cereal milk latte; stollen; local, cage-free eggs

Photo by Martha Cheng

Cereal milk latte. You've had coffee and cereal for breakfast, but not like this. Cocoa Krispies lattes and Frosted Flakes lattes debut today at Morning Glass. Eric Rose steeps the milk with kid-time cereals for these sweetened lattes. The Cocoa Krispies latte tastes somewhere between a mocha and, well, Cocoa Krispies. Get them hot or iced and frothed, making them taste milkshake-y. Rose is still playing around with other cereals (Froot Loops, cornflakes) and plans to roll out more flavors soon.

$3.75 for regular size. 2955 E Manoa Rd., 673-0065,

Stollen. Best to get two: one to eat right now, one for the actual holidays. For stollen, a German Christmas bread, Kahala Hotel pastry chef Michael Moorhouse first soaks raisins and candied citrus peels in rum for a couple of days. He folds them into a heavy dough spiced with cinnamon, clove, ginger, black pepper and nutmeg, and then rolls the dough around a thin tube of marzipan. After it's been baked, the entire loaf is dipped in clarified butter and covered in sugar.

$15 Kahala Hotel and Resort, 5000 Kahala Avenue, pre-order by calling 739-8760

Cage-free local eggs. Forget Easter. I use more eggs for cookies, cakes, and ice cream during the winter holidays than I need to hide in my non-existent lawn. And just in time, Whole Foods is carrying Oahu's first cage-free eggs produced on a commercial scale. Previously, local eggs were noticeably absent from Whole Foods shelves because of its cage-free requirement. For over a year, Whole Foods has worked with Maili Moa in Waianae to convert its operations to cage-free, which required building new barns and raising a new flock. As of this week, they're finally here.

$6.99/dozen. Whole Foods at Kahala Mall, 732-7736