Did this: Yelp Uncaged @ Honolulu Zoo

OK, I’ll modify: there were no lions or tigers or bears. Instead we saw a Yelpicorn, a flying gorilla, lots of pandas and leopard prints, and dozens of girls wearing animal ears. Yelp’s latest event Thursday night was a benefit for the newly accredited zoo, and with 1,400 Yelpers and two dozen food and drink vendors roaming the grounds, Uncaged @ the Honolulu Zoo marked a new coming of age as Yelp Honolulu’s largest event ever.

Yelp Uncaged

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Last night at Honolulu Zoo. It’s not as if we haven’t been here since elementary school (what?), but we don’t recall the zoo ever looking like this.

Party pics: Yelp Uncaged

Party pics: Yelp Uncaged

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-Photo by Tracy Chan