Did this: Taste of Soju and Makoli

The Hawaii Korean Chamber of Commerce held its first annual Taste of Soju and Makoli Tuesday night at the Japanese Cultural Center. Proceeds from the fundraising event will go towards the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The event featured all-you-can-drink soju and makoli, along with entertainment by traditional Korean drummers and comedian Johnny Choi.

Raffle prizes were also awarded, including a grand prize of a trip to Korea, courtesy of Asiana Airlines.

Makoli is unique to Korea and is made by mixing grains with nuruk, a fermentation starter culture, and water, and then leaving the mixture to ferment. Soju is first fermented by combining rice or other grains with a starter culture and is then distilled, which results in a higher alcohol content. Soju is the most popular liquor in Korea.

Here are scenes from last night’s festivities:

Taste of Soju and Makoli

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