Did this: Hula Grill and Kai Spirit’s farm dinner

Hula Grill in the Outrigger Waikiki has been doing more to raise the consciousness of local products and farmers around the state lately through their Legacy Aloha program, not just for their customers but for their staff as well. A few months ago, Grant Shindo went to their first farm-to-table dinner, where local producers were featured and the proceeds from the event went to support Paepae o He’eia, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving and maintaining the He’eia Fishpond. They took it a step further and had their staff go out to the fishpond to volunteer on one of the cleanup days.

Last night, Hula Grill had another farm-to-table dinner, this time highlighting various products that the five main islands produce. Five tasting stations were set up with special plates created by their chef and the farmers. The farmers were also on hand to talk about their products. And, Kai Spirits, a locally-owned business specializing in rice-based liqueurs, showcased their various flavors by having the Outrigger bartenders created special cocktails that would be perfectly paired with each dish. Here’s how the evening went:

Hula Grill

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Amy from Kai Spirits with the team from Paepae o He’eia, plus a cocktail made from Kai young coconut shochu. The drink was really spicy, but made to go with the dish, which featured pork belly.

Proceeds from the event benefitted the Waikiki Community Center.