Did this: Eat the Street Chocolate

Chocolate abounded in all its forms in the heart of Kakaako Friday night, where 40 food trucks and street food vendors all brought out dishes featuring our favorite sweet.

But the story wasn’t all about ice cream and fudge and donuts and drizzles. It was also about chocolate chicken, chocolate pork, chocolate steak and chocolate bacon. And the big question: Yes, there were a few sprinkles, off and on. And yes, there were tents and tables.

Here’s the parade of chocolate, street-style. And save this date: Friday, March 29, when ETS brings on all things Japanese.

Eat the Street Chocolate

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Kiawe Pizza’s berry pie with chocolate bits and mascarpone cheese

And here’s the newest truck to debut at ETS. It looks like a blue coffee truck, and it IS called Daily Grind, but its real identity is … Off the Wall, that Okinawan restaurant/izakaya from Pearl Kai. Have a look.