Delicate Laser Cuts, Leg Slits and Head-Turning Hues Kick the Floral Trend Up a Notch

Florals? For spring? Bloom shaka laka.


It doesn’t sound ground-breaking. But delicate laser cuts, show-some-leg slits and head-turning hues kick the garden variety trend up several notches.


02 21 Hm Style Dresses Fendi 1

Photo: Courtesy of Fendi



Macrame floral top, $4,400, macrame floral skirt, $4,400, Fendi


02 21 Hm Style Dresses Valentino 1

Photo: Courtesy of Valentino



Silk dress, $6,500, Valentino


02 21 Hm Style Dresses Michael Kors 1

Photo: Courtesy of Michael Kors



Michael Kors Collection dress, price upon request, Michael Kors