Da Meter: What’s Hot and What’s Not in Honolulu

Gauging what’s hot and what’s not in Honolulu.

CHEE HOO! We’re stoked




Investor, philanthropist and UH alum Jay Shidler stepped up again.  He committed to  increase his already sizable gift to the Shidler College of Business to $100 million, the largest-ever private gift to UH. What’s next? The University of Shidler?




E-cigarettes are now banned from all state buildings. But we can’t guarantee it will stop officials from blowing smoke.



Urban Outfitters just opened in Waikīkī. Wacky gifts and ironic tees for all!



Facebook gazillionaire Mark Zuckerberg spent a reported $100 million to buy 700 acres on Kaua‘i’s north shore. Update our status: envious.



Auwe! Ho, small kine shame, yeah?



We’re still sad about no sparklers or fountains at New Year’s celebrations because of the fireworks crackdown. Really, a sparkler ban?


Photo: Courtesy Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture


First, coconut rhinoceros beetles showed up at Diamond Head and Mililani. Now, ag officials report the bagrada bug or painted stink bug was discovered in a Maui garden. And we thought cockroaches were bad.