Cruising Europe: Sorrento, Capri and Pompeii

A full night’s rest on board the Ocean Princess brings us to our first port in Sorrento, Italy. Excursions for the day took us from Sorrento to Capri to enjoy the town, food and people then a boat ride to the port of Naples and a short bus ride to see the ancient ruins of Pompeii.

Approaching the port of Sorrento. Gorgeous mountain-side buildings greet you.

Artwork embedded into the port walls make for unique touches of color amongst the stone walls.

One of my favorite shots on the trip so far. A vessel pulling out from the harbor with the sun rising from behind.

Shot from the docks show the bustle of this busy port.

Stone markings on the harbor walkway mark the port’s location.

Exiting from the boat — first sight of Capri town was breathtaking. Vast mountains and cluttered buildings along the coast line.

Automobiles in Capri were tiny and drivers were great at avoiding accidents. Most roads were only half the width of a normal two-lane road.

The sights of Capri harbor with cruise ships and ocean liners at dock.

The gorgeous view from up top the mountain were reached via cable car. The mountainous terrain made this the money shot of the tour.

The old church in Capri town at dusk. Still early in the morning, the town was empty when we arrived, allowing us to see the sights without competing with the locals.

Beautiful views from the summit of Capri town. Azure blue oceans with land in the background.

Capri is known for their lemons and lemon cello. I hear it can knock you off your feet if you drink too much.

Capri town contains a mixture of high-end boutiques and hole-in-the-wall eateries. The town was sprawling with young and old.

A typical road on top Capri town. Orange busses lined the streets and taxi cab drivers stood waiting for fares.

The view from an upper deck show a mosaic map of Capri with the vast views in the background.

The locals were unique and full of character. This old man spotted me taking a photo and continued to puff on his cigar.

More locals enjoy the town and talk story with friends.

Even the local birds were out to enjoy the sun.

Leaving port of Capri for Naples to visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii. A one-hour boat ride took us across the water to our next destination.

Entering Pompeii, you’ll be introduced to what the ancient people used as a gym and workout area. Lockers lined the area where warriors nursed their wounds and recovered from battle.

Tour groups canvased the ruins carrying red walkie-talkie devices to hear their guides.

The ampitheater of Pompeii held battles, comedies and trageties. It was once said to be a covered area before the eruption.

Skeletal remains of those who have passed sit encased in one of the rooms.

The town of Pompeii was known for it’s mosaic art and gorgeous stone work.

Signs mark each ruin and help to point you in the right direction. The park is large and easy to get lost in the maze of rubble.

Mount Vesuvius in the background of a sunny afternoon clearning. The crater at the top is typically covered in clouds.

An encased body lays on a table with a collection of terracotta artifacts that were recovered during the digging of Pompeii.

The Temple of Jupiter sits at the top of the main town square. Columns line the area and is the centerpeice of the courtyard.

Sun is setting as we end the tour and head down the mountain. You’re free to roam around the ruins and discover nooks with interesting formations.

Gardens grace the entrance of Pompeii when you arrive. The park takes you in a circle and you end where you started.

Cool cars like this make traffic in the area fun to watch. Crazy drivers in this area make Italy a place that I’d rather not drive in. The tour is done and we’re heading back to the bus to return to the port of Sorrento.

At the end of the tour gives us a view of our ship, the Ocean Princess. We were shuttled back on the ship’s rescue boats and entered from the side of the ship.

The sunset after a long day in Sorrento, Capri and Pompeii. It was an amazing experience and something I’ll never forget.

Next stop, Tunisia in northern Africa. We’re slated to port in La Goulette to see the Medina and experience the local lifestyle. We’re a little weary, but it should be a fun adventure.