Chef Mavro’s greatest hits

For two weeks each year, Chef Mavro (@ChefMavro) presents his “greatest hits” on the menu, items that his customers have not tired of over the years. We’re in the middle of that two-week period right now, with the items featured through Sept. 29.

One of those items, of course, is his famous lilikoi malasadas, which are his most popular dessert. The other is his onaga baked in a Hawaiian salt crust, which you can’t get any other time of the year because Chef Mavro has tired of making it. Ten years ago, after he calculated that he had turned out 80,000 of these, he pushed back and declared, “No more!” — but customer demands have forced him to bring the onaga back … at least, for the greatest hits weeks. I went with Catherine Toth to find out what this onaga is all about, and we also tried some of the more current menu items that you can still enjoy until the fall menu starts on October 1. Here’s a look at dinner:

Chef Mavro’s greatest hits

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Always good to see Chef Mavro!

Chef Mavro
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