Central Pacific Bank Wants to Split the Bill for Your Takeout Order

Get delivery or takeout from participating restaurants including Gochi Grill, Barrio Café in Wahiawā, AnyPlace Cocktail Lounge, Popeye’s and even Sushi Sasabune until 3 p.m. on April 1.

April 1 Update:

The campaign ends at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, April 1. So make sure to direct message your receipts to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by then.


March 31 Update: 

Venmo will no longer be an option for reimbursement, only PayPal.


March 30 Update: 

Central Pacific Bank reached its $100,000 goal this weekend. Now it will continue to match 50% of the bill until 10,000 meals have been shared with one offer per person a week. As of this afternoon, 5,000 meals have been matched. 

Sandwich combo platter (Spam and egg, grilled cheese, and hamburger) at AnyPlace Cocktail Lounge
Photo: Martha Cheng


The Central Pacific Bank Foundation just announced a pretty amazing campaign to help keep restaurants open while also helping you save on your next meal: Get takeout or delivery from participating restaurants; post a photo of your meal on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the tag #KeepHawaiiCooking; and the foundation will reimburse you 50% of your bill via Venmo or PayPal. 


“With #KeepHawaiiCooking, we’re looking to incentivize the community to help our restaurant clients and their employees stay afloat under very challenging times for their industry, while also saving residents some money when they choose takeout, delivery or drive-thru,” said Paul Yonamine, CPB chairman, in a press release.


Currently there are 110 participating restaurants including Gochi Grill, Barrio Café in Wahiawā, AnyPlace Cocktail Lounge, Popeye’s and even Sushi Sasabune. Takeout sushi omakase anyone? Diners do not need to be CPB customers to be eligible.


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Here are the details: 

  • Visit www.keephawaiicooking.com for the list of restaurants. 

  • Order directly from the restaurant. 

  • Take a photo of your meal and post it to social media (in the main feed only—not Instagram or Facebook stories). Direct message a photo of your receipt from your Facebook or Instagram account to @keephawaiicooking (@keephicooking on Twitter), and you’ll be reimbursed up to $100 per order via Venmo or PayPal. 


CPB will keep the promotion going until they reach $100,000 in reimbursements. For this first phase, CPB has started with client restaurants still open for business. If the program is a success, CPB may look to ways to include other small businesses. 


Catherine Ngo, CPB president, said in a press release: “The best way for all of us to get through these tough times will be doing so together, as a community. We hope that after hearing about and experiencing the #KeepHawaiiCooking program for themselves, others in our community will be encouraged to create concrete, positive ways to help as we lean on each other to get through this together.”