Cat Chat episode 9: No lie, Lanai

Most of you know Grant “Lanai” Tabura as a stand-up comic and deejay.

Some of you may remember him as part of the Hoku-nominated comedy trio “The 3 Local Boys.” (Shows your age!)

But Tabura is much more than that.

He’s an avid stand-up paddle surfer, he’s a cigar aficionado — and he’s a savvy entrepreneur.

For the past few years, Tabura has been making his own wine — called Look Me in the Eye — and has recently developed a new smart phone app, Pidgin 101, which lists and defines more than 125 different commonly used words and phrases.

The wine is sold in grocery stores and wine shops in Hawaii and California. And his phone app — available now for iPhones and iPads but soon on Droids — is being downloaded daily without any advertising.

Yes, and he’s still a funny guy.

Find out how he got into wine-making, what the name means, and what he had originally wanted to call his wine.

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