Cat Chat episode 8: The great Jake

There aren’t many people I’m in absolute awe over.

As a reporter I’ve met everyone from high-level politicians to A-list celebrities.

But I’m part of that proverbial “tough crowd,” where it takes a lot to impress me.

So it might come as a surprise to you when I divulge who does: Jake Shimabukuro.

It’s not because he’s easily one of the most accomplished and innovative ukulele artists in the world. Or that his style of playing has revolutionized the entire industry. Or that he’s catapulted to international stardom all while maintaining his local — hey, he’s a Kaimuki High grad! — roots.

Those are definitely factors.

But he’s high on my list because, honestly, he’s one of the nicest, most sincere people you’ll ever met. He’s the kind of guy who’ll greet everyone with a smile and a big hug. He’ll look you in the eye when you’re talking to him and he’ll answer any question with total, unabashed honesty.

You don’t see that very often.

Well, Jake was nice enough to meet up with me at his label — Hitchhike Records — office in Waikiki to chat about his new album, “Love Peace Ukulele,” which comes out on Jan. 4, his new partnership with Farmers Insurance Hawaii, and even play a new track — an original called “143” — for us.

Check it out!

Got other people you want to see me interview? Post your suggestions here! We love hearing from you!


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