Cali runaround: SFO

I love California, and no matter how crazy my stays are, I always seem to go back for more. California has been so good to me, always giving me things to do, allowing me to meet the coolest cats ever, and of course, feeding my tummy well. (I swear I gained like 10 pounds on this trip!) My best friend, Chanelle, lives in San Diego, and we decided to take time out to travel up and down the coast.

We started in San Francisco and boy, was it chilly. The weather was a little gloomy with drizzles here and there, but that didn’t stop us from gallivanting around the town. We checked out a couple of new late night spots, went to several of our Union Square must-visits and ate our way into the Bay.

Check out my Bay Area spots:

Cali runaround: SFO

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After an early flight from LAX, we decided to go to Bay Watch Breakfast.

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