Cali runaround: LAX

So continuing from my last Cali post, after San Francisco, my girl Chanelle and I traveled down to Los Angeles. Now L.A. is known for a lot of things: celebrities, the Lakers, places to eat, places to shop and most of all its insane party scene. Straight off the plane, we both drove down to Laguna to attend a friend’s wedding, then drove back to our friend Maechelle’s house in Hollywood to prep up for a crazy time in L.A’s nightlife scene.

Special thanks to my friends JB and Byron who were our chauffeurs. They are what Chanelle and I call “so L.A.,” because they surely don’t mess around when it comes to riding in style and dressing the part. They took us to a new scene, a place I like to call “Asian-ville.” We passed through Chinatown, Koreatown and Japantown. We even stopped at my boy JB’s shoe shop, RIF. I was able to see a rare set of kicks that are highly sought after by serious shoe collectors.

If I could sum up the my two day tour around the L.A.  area, I would literally say: nonstop. Just to warn you, some pictures may be dark and because some pictures are from my camera phone. So I apologize in advance.

I’ll let the pictures tell you how crazy of a time I had in the City of Angels:

Cali runaround: LAX

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Chanelle and I ready for our flight to LAX.

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