Café Kaila Now Sells Cookies (And They’re Selling Out Fast!)

(Sponsored) Satisfy your sweet tooth with a stop at your favorite Market City brunch spot.


Cafe Kaila Kailas Cookies Apricot Thumbprint

The apricot thumbprint cookie is one of Café Kaila’s most popular flavors this week. Photo: Courtesy of Café Kaila



When I discovered Kaila’s Cookies, it was completely by chance. There I was one workday evening, watching an episode of The Sopranos, whiskey in one hand while the other scrolled casually through Instagram. A tap, then another tap, then another tap later, and—bam!—“Hold up, Café Kaila sells cookies now?!”


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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of breakfast-ing at the Market City restaurant, you’ll understand my excitement, and why it just makes so much sense. Chrissie Kaila Castillo, owner and chef, has built a bit of a reputation as a master of brunch dishes, especially those of the sweet variety. (I, myself, can attest to the perfection of her malted and cornbread waffles.) Scones, muffins, quick breads, brownies and other baked goods have been on the café’s menu since day one.



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As it turns out, Kaila’s Cookies have been a thing for a while—since August of last year, to be exact—but were never advertised on social media until recently because they were selling like hotcakes. “During the pandemic, I started baking more cookies and adding more variety of flavors to boost sales and help supplement our business,” Castillo says. Kaila’s Cookies come in 16 different flavors, all of which seem to rotate in popularity depending on the week. Currently, she says, the matcha sesame, apricot thumbprint and brownie chocolate chip cookies are the most requested flavors.


Kaila’s Cookies are sold in limited quantities at Café Kaila, and they sell out fast. Castillo recommends calling ahead to reserve your bags.


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