Bonjour from Paris

If you’re following me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you already know that I’m in Paris for Christmas. My three hapa nieces —Ahnya, Cymri, and Morgen — have been traveling around Europe for the last few months, and their plan was to end up in the City of Lights for the holiday. I had debated meeting them, since this was a rare chance to meet them at the same time in my favorite city. After some work massaging my Delta Skymiles, I managed to squeeze out a free trip.

I’m only here from December 22 to 26. I mention this because almost everyone who hears this scolds me that it’s such a long way to go for such a short trip. Not that it should be anyone’s business, but you should understand that 1) I’ve already been to Paris several times, 2) I am here on mileage and 3) the Euro is too strong for me to stay here very long. I haven’t been back to Paris (or any part of Europe) for several years, since the Euro made things too expensive. I even hesitated to take this trip, knowing how much more it would cost me due to the exchange rate. So I’m here, I’m loving it, and I’m loving the time I can spend with my nieces in this fabulous city.

We all arrived on December 22, and actually, the girls just barely made it due to a snafu in the train reservations. They didn’t realize it would be hard to get a seat on the train to Paris at this time, but as it turns out, everyone wants to get to Paris for Christmas. They arrived just in time for dinner, but it all worked out … dinner more than made up for the rush.

p.s. I made the girls take their own photos of their food, but with my camera. Enjoy!

Changs take Paris

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PR maven Donna Jung, who is also Chef Mavro’s wife, recommended we try Les Bouquinistes for our Christmas dinner. However, it’s closed from December 22 through January 2, so our only window of opportunity was December 22 — the day we all arrived. I couldn’t miss this dinner, as it is a Guy Savoy restaurant.

Les Bouquinistes
53, quai des Grands Augustins, 75006
+33 (0)1 43 25 45 94

By the way, that walk along the Seine was important because we needed to scatter some ashes of Mari’s long-passed friend, Florence. I want this for myself, as well, so it was a good way to see how easily this could be done. We took it down to the bank, and my nieces sang a song from “Les Miserables” as I wished Florence well and sent her to the river. Note to Mari: Most of her didn’t make it into the water, but peacefully onto the stone incline at the bank. The current was strong and tide was low, so we knew she would eventually be carried into the water by the tide, in a more gentle way. While she waited, she could enjoy the lights one last time.

These are just the highlights from our first night. To see the rest of my photos, click here.