Best Barman in the World at the Halekulani


IMG_5085The world’s best barman starts the night with a story. He has a distinguished English accent and shares the details of his travels. Colin Field, head barman at the Ritz Hotel Paris and creator of the famous Hemingway Bar, brings his expertise to L’Aperitif at the Halekulani hotel.

Field is consulting with house bartenders to create a fine-tuned cocktail program. He will be serving up his signature drinks at L’Aperitif and the Lewers Lounge until Monday Sept. 29.

The World’s Best Barman, Colin Field

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Colin Field, named the best barman in the world by Forbes magazine, will be holding an event called “the Art of Style” Friday, Sept. 26 from 6-8 p.m. For reservations call 808-923-2311.