Are you one of these office personalities?


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By Steve T. Yeti, ambassador of Real Jobs Hawaii

From Waimanalo to Waianae, it doesn’t matter where you live or what you do for a living, you will inevitably come across one or all of these workplace personalities.

Sally Shares-Too-Much: You try to avoid her in the halls because she’ll talk your ears off and you WILL be late to your next appointment. Miss Shares Too Much will tell you all about what’s going on with her life and dish the 411 on everyone else, too. You’re nice to her, but mostly because you’re afraid of her and her obsessive behavior.

Petey Party Boy: The very first thing you hear around the water cooler on Monday morning is who and what Petey Party Boy did over the weekend. Clubbing, bar hopping, dancing, it doesn’t matter, it’s all one big party and he’s in. Petey Party Boy bends the company dress code since he’s ready to party at any given notice. Careful what you do with or say to Petey Party Boy because he’s usually friends with Sally Shares-Too-Much.

Aunty Aloha: The once gorgeous former Miss Pageant Girl still thinks she looks 25 even though it’s been over 20 years since she last donned her crown. Her dresses are too short and tight, and the amount of cleavage she shows is only appropriate for a nursing baby to witness. You’re afraid to make eye contact because she’ll think it’s a sign you’re into her.

Cranky Kawika: He’s been with the company for 30 plus years and he’s angry about everyone and everything. He gets a promotion and complains about the added responsibilities. He gets a raise and whines it’s not enough. Cranky Kawika doesn’t get invited to pau hana because of his uncanny ability to turn any celebration into a plane wreck. Misery loves company – Cranky Kawika’s best friend is his female counterpart, Debbie Downer.

The Delegator: This master of excuses always gets out of new assignments or company events. He’s great at “dumping” his work off on you by touting your skills and abilities when he’s really just too lazy to do it himself. What’s worse is that he gets all the credit for your work when it shines and throws you under the bus if it doesn’t.

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