All the Things Schools Do for Us: The Many Dimensions of Learning Environments

A message from Hawai‘i Association of Independent Schools executive director Philip J. Bossert.


Philip J. Bossert
For many in Hawai‘i, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the multiple roles that schools play in our community, and how difficult the job of an educator can be. The education provided by a school is not just a matter of having our children work through the stacks of books and materials that fill their backpacks.  There are carefully thought-out lesson plans and learning strategies that accompany those to create an engaging educational experience and an effective learning environment. In addition, most schools also provide for the social and emotional development of children; whether a student is in a classroom or learning at home, the educational experience is being provided by the school.


There are currently 238 private schools across the islands of Hawai‘i: 120 independent and parochial K-12 schools and 118 private preschools. Each one of them is different—in size, in educational philosophy, in learning programs and school culture—and each offers its own approach to providing learning experiences for individual students. But what they all share is their commitment to providing students with a healthy and safe learning environment within which to discover and develop their talents, their interests, and the character traits that will serve as the foundations of their adult lives.


This is the 18th year that the Hawai‘i Association of Independent Schools, or HAIS, has teamed up with HONOLULU Magazine to provide Hawai‘i families with this informational guide to the private schools in our state. My thanks on behalf of all HAIS member schools to HONOLULU Magazine and to the Private School Guide’s supporters for making this valuable resource available to parents and students across the state.


This Private School Guide provides a listing of most of Hawai‘i’s accredited and/or licensed private schools. The HAIS website,, offers much more for families including both a list of private schools—each with its own profile page—and a search function that lets you specify the types, sizes and locations of schools you are interested in.


Each child is unique, and the school your family entrusts with your child’s education should be committed to his or her success as a learner and as a person. We encourage you to email us at or call (808) 973-1540 for more information about HAIS member schools, our services and programs, and other valuable resources.



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