A pit stop in Washington D.C.

On my way to Virginia, I stopped in Washington D.C. for a day. Just like New York, it was super cold, and I wasn’t a happy camper in 30-degree weather. While I was there, I visited a few attractions, ate at one of my favorite burger joints and did some shopping.

One of my stops was to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, but I don’t have any pictures because photography was strictly prohibited. When you first walk in, you’re given a passport with a picture of a man or woman. As you go through each level of the museum, the passport describes what the person went through. At the end, you find out if the person pictured on the passport died or survived. It was a great learning experience.

I also stopped by Potomac Mills, a huge outlet mall in Woodbridge, Virginia. It’s a bargain hunter’s paradise, with more than 200 stores. Of course, I put a dent in my wallet and did some shopping. I only spent two hours there, but walked out with presents for my family in Virginia, my family back home and of course, myself.

Watch out for my next blog about my trip to Virginia. You may think that it’s not so fun of a state, but in the next blog, I’ll show you what I did.

Here are pictures from my day in D.C.:

Washington D.C.

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I visited Hawaii’s own Barack Obama’s crib.