A Peek at Brick Fire Tavern’s New Summer Menu

(Sponsored) The Italian restaurant keeps it fresh in Kaimukī with an updated lineup of flavors.


Brick Fire Tavern Pizza Trio

Clockwise from left: Clam-Ciale, Sweet Calabria and Millennium Falco. Photo: Courtesy of Brick Fire Tavern



The folks at Brick Fire Tavern justifiably pride themselves on their super delicious, ultra authentic (as in, literally certified authentic) vera pizza Napoletana (true Neapolitan pizza). But the restaurant is much more than a pizza place. Along with pies, you’ll find plenty crave-worthy eats on the menu, from appetizers to salads to pastas.


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Recently, the Kaimukī restaurant launched a brand-new summer menu featuring fresh seasonal dishes, including three new pies to dig into. The Sweet Calabria features Nduja salami (a spicy spreadable salami straight from Calabria, Italy), herbed ricotta and a drizzle of local honey. Nduja salami is a bit of a specialty product around these parts—it’s rare to find the ingredient on menus in Hawai‘i—which is reason enough to try this pizza.


Brick Fire Tavern Millennium Falco Pizza

Photo: Courtesy of Brick Fire Tavern



The Millennium Falco, which pays tribute to the famous namesake pie served at the even more famous Roberta’s in New York City, is a cheese-less creation (shoutout to you dairy-free and -intolerant eaters out there) that shines in the freshness and acidity of San Marzano tomatoes, complemented by rich, savory Pono pork sausage. Finally, the Clam-Ciale: chopped clam, caramelized onion besciamella (Béchamel sauce), guanciale, pecorino, parsley and a spritz of fresh lemon juice.


Brick Fire Tavern Snap Pea Gnocchetti

Photo: Courtesy of Brick Fire Tavern



A few new pasta dishes have made their way onto the menu as well, including: snap pea gnocchetti, a dish that highlights the sweetness of fresh snap peas; a lasagna featuring Big Island lamb shank, lamb ragu, mozzarella and mint ricotta; and a Kaua‘i shrimp bucatini, with hearty, fresh-made noodles from Onda Pasta, fresh pesto, Calabrian chile, guanciale morsels and Kaua‘i shrimp. (Hungry yet? I am.)


Brick Fire Tavern Kauai Shrimp Bucatini

Photo: Courtesy of Brick Fire Tavern



For more information, visit brickfiretavern.com. For updates, follow @brickfiretavern on Instagram.



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