A New Kailua Sandwich Shop Delivers the Goods—Literally

Move over, Subway. There’s a new sandwich shop in Kailua.
The Club Kailua.
Photo: Kawehi Haug

New to the Kailua fast-casual food scene, Timmy Tom’s is a sandwich shop that makes sub-style deli sandwiches in a small, bright space next door to Boston’s Pizza and Moke’s, making that small strip of old Kailua town more than just “across the street from the old Blockbuster.”


Timmy Tom’s is clearly modeled after the Mainland chain of sammie shops Jimmy John’s—from the name to the menu to the bread to the style of sandwiches—with a bit of a local bent (JJ’s calls the No. 7 the “Gourmet Smoked Ham Club,” TT’s calls its No. 7 the “‘Ono Smoked Ham Club”), but, here, the meats, cheeses, giant pickles, even the take-out bags, are all furnished by Boar’s Head, which is a very good thing.


There are 16 sandwiches on the menu, plus a “Big Kahuna,” an oversize, option, as well as a “Little Kahuna” option, which is any of the sandwiches, minus all the fixings. Just bread, meat and cheese. Timmy Tom’s bread, while not made from scratch in-house, is baked in-house, so it’s always ultra soft and fresh. The perfect match for mayo, meat and cheese.


The Vinny is a pretty straightforward Italian sub, with salami, capicola, Provolone, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and vinaigrette, and it’s a good starting point for a Timmy Tom’s first-timer. Also worth getting: the Club Kailua, a fresh-veggie-packed sandwich with turkey and Provolone, sprouts and avocado. We suggest adding bacon.


Timmy Tom’s sandwiches are not the super sloppy variety of classic subs, which would normally be disappointing for us, but we like the fact that we can pack them to go without them turning into a mushy mess. A beach picnic with soggy bread is no picnic at all.


The best thing about Timmy Tom’s? It delivers within the Kailua area with a one-sandwich minimum. That’s groundbreaking for a sleepy little beach town like Kailua. We like pizza, but we also like options.


Timmy Tom’s Gourmet Sandwiches, sandwiches: $5.29 to $10.29, 31 Ho‘olai St., Kailua, 263-3333, timmytoms.org


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