A (foodie) peek inside Club Evergreen

This blog is long overdue, since maybe my Metromix days. Guys had often told me about Club Evergreen and other hostess bars and how great the food was, but not one would go with me. I’d hear the same excuses: “I know too many girls there.” “I’m married, I don’t want to get busted.” “I don’t think you can bring a camera in there. I don’t want to get kicked out.”

Well, it’s a new era for me. Nonstop’s Myong Choi isn’t afraid to go with me or be seen there. (And time permitting, Eric Baranda is fairly game.) So hopefully, this is the first in a series of good eats at hostess bars around town, and the best dishes they have to offer. I don’t intend to take interior shots, just close-ups of the food so people’s identities can be safeguarded. Interestingly enough, every time I posted a hostess bar shot on instagram, all the Alan Wong chefs — past and present — knew all about it. You know who you are, guys. You’re taking me to the next one.

This gallery shows food from two different visits, since we didn’t know the sushi bar isn’t open until 7:30 p.m. and we had arrived too early. We went back with a group of six people to try the sushi bar, which you will see in the second half of these photos.


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If you decide to try Club Evergreen — for the food, the sushi, or … whatever — note that there is no parking. You can park on the street, or maybe park at nearby shopping complexes and walk over, but don’t expect to drive up and walk in. —Photo by Melissa Chang

Club Evergreen
1376 Kapiolani Blvd.

I have a short list of other hostess bars with great food, but if you have your own favorites, leave your suggestions here!