A chat with Booboo Stewart

I had a chance to briefly chat with actor Booboo Stewart — best known for his role as werewolf Seth Clearwater in the “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” — while he was in town to promote his latest project, “White Frog,” which premiered last week at the Hawaii International Film Festival. The 18-year-old, who is no stranger to Hawaii, hosted six episodes of the kids’ series, “Blue Dolphin Kids” here in 2006.

Tell me about your nickname. How did you get the nickname, “Booboo?”

I got my nickname from my family, but mostly my parents. They started calling me Booboo as a kid and it kind of just stuck with me as I got

Why are you throwing your support behind Euro Cinema this year?

One of the producers for the film, “White Frog,” that I’m in (Chris Lee), is on the Board of Directors for Euro Cinema. It’s a cool thing to
bring international films to eyes that normally wouldn’t see films such as these.

At such a young age, you’ve done quite a bit of charity and philanthropic work. Tell me about some of the organizations you’re involved with.

I’ve worked with PETA before. My sister is a huge PETA activist. For me, I just love animals. I’m a vegetarian for lent every year. Other then that, I’m not (laughs). I also like working with the Los Angeles Mission. My family, friends, and I go and feed the homeless every Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter.

What are some upcoming projects that you’re working on?

“White Frog” will be released in the first quarter of 2013. We premiered it last night at the Hawaii International Film Festival. I just finished a film called “Space Warriors.” We were shooting in Alabama with Director Sean McNamara who directed “Soul Surfer.”

Your hair is growing out quite a bit. What’s your personal style like, as far as how you dress and express yourself?

My personal style is pretty plain actually. I’m a pretty plain person (laughs). I actually just found this really cool clothing company; they’re called Alex Maine. They make comfortable clothes that look cool. All of their pants are made out of bamboo, and I’m pretty sure the shirts are too. It’s pretty much the only clothes I’ve been wearing here in Hawaii.

What’s been your favorite part about Hawaii so far?

My favorite part about Hawaii has been swinging on the banyan trees in Waikiki by the beach. I guess that doesn’t explain much, since
everything is by the beach here.