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How to Ace the Interview

It’s the step that your child may have to take alone: the personal interview. Here are a few tips from educators to keep stress down and your child’s spirits up.

Applying to Private School: The Timeline

Thinking about private school for your children? Finding the right fit and getting them enrolled can take at least a year. Here is a 12-month timeline to make sure you don’t miss a crucial deadline along the way.

What Are You Looking For?

You and your child should have a clear idea of exactly what you want in a private school before you begin the search. Here are some general areas to consider.

HAIS Helps

There are tons of resources available for families online.

Defining the Differences

It’s not just public or private. These categories will tell you more about a school’s focus and style of learning.

Private School Basics

What Is Accreditation?

It is more than just a stamp of approval. Here is what a school’s accreditation or license really means for your child.

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