6 Hawai‘i Ghost Books That’ll Give You Serious Chicken Skin

If you’re feeling brave, read these local ghost stories.

This story originally appeared online in October 2015. 


Nothing sets the mood for All Hallow’s Eve like exchanging ghost stories in the dark. And these scary collections of hair-raising, spine-tingling, firsthand accounts of supernatural experiences all happened right in our backyard (Hawai‘i).


1. Obake: Ghost Stories in Hawai‘i by Glen Grant

Obake: Ghost Stories in Hawai‘i by Glen Grant
IMAGEs: Courtesy of Mutual Publishing

Within these pages are stories based on the supernatural experiences collected from Islanders from all cultural backgrounds. Their stories first appeared in the Hawai‘i Herald in 1983, and the late Glen Grant, a popular storyteller and Hawaiiana historian, compiled those stories in this book.

$10.95, Mutual Publishing, mutualpublishing.com


2. The Secret Obake Casebook: Tales From the Dark Side of the Cabinet by Glen Grant

The Secret Obake Casebook

These eerie and chilling stories are based on 25 years of investigating Hawai‘i’s paranormal encounters. From sorcery to demonic possession, evil spirits to spooky hauntings, this book will give you chicken skin.

$13.95, Mutual Publishing, mutualpublishing.com


3. Haunted Hawaiian Nights by Lopaka Kapanui

Haunted Hawaiian Nights by Lopaka Kapanui

Lopaka Kapanui, who apprenticed under Grant, continues the tradition of telling stories of supernatural experiences from everyday people in Hawai‘i. This collection of stories is rooted in the ancient and modern world of the Islands.

$9.95, Mutual Publishing, mutualpublishing.com


4. The Legend of Morgan’s Corner and Other Ghost Stories of Hawai‘i by Lopaka Kapanui

The Legend of Morgan's Corner and Other Ghost Stories of Hawaii

You’ve probably heard the infamous story about Morgan’s Corner. This collection of stories recounts different spirit encounters at this spot. Lopaka Kapanui also differentiates between ghosts and spirits—good and bad—and shares a theory on choking ghosts. He retells stories told to him, unembellished, which makes them that much more spine-tingling.

$9.95, Mutual Publishing, mutualpublishing.com


5. Hawai‘i’s Best Spooky Tales series by Rick Carroll

Image: Courtesy of Bess Press

Native Hawaiians, local journalists and visitors share stories of strange encounters with the spooky side of Hawai‘i. Each book has more tales about ghosts in graveyards, what happens when someone breaks kapu, and other supernatural experiences. Plus, Carroll offers a guide to the spookiest sites on each of the Hawaiian Islands.  

$12.95, Bess Press, besspress.com


6. Madame Pele: True Encounters with Hawai‘i’s Fire Goddess by Rick Carroll

Madame Pele True Encounters With Hawaii's Fire Goddess
IMAGE: Courtesy of Bess Press 

The fire goddess Pele, often called Madame Pele out of respect, is well-known in Hawaiian mythology for taking on many forms. Sometimes she appears as a beautiful young woman, and other times appears as an elderly beggar asking for food and water to test the generosity of those she ecounters. In this book, 23 people share their stories about their experiences with Madame Pele.

$11.95, Bess Press, besspress.com