6 Creative Ways to Cool Off From the Sweltering Heat in Hawai‘i

Ugh, do you feel like you’re melting in this weather? Here are some ideas you might never have thought of to help you cool off.

1. Travel 

Star Trek
Image: Giphy


Honestly? I’m going to a small island off the coast of Brittany!

—Don Wallace, senior editor



2. Get Soaked

Water gun
Image: Giphy 


When it’s especially hot, I’ll whip out my water gun and shoot at my boyfriend. There’s only one and it always turns into a tug-of-war battle.

—Marisa Heung, special projects editor



3. Keep Up Your Beauty Routine

Korean face sheet mask
Image: Giphy.com 


I stick Korean face sheet masks in my fridge so they’re nice and cold. When I use them at night, they cool me down and give my skin the refresher it needs after a long day. A double win!

—Nicole Oka, account coordinator



4. Chill on the Ice 

Image: Giphy 


Hang out at Ice Palace. Pizza, hot cocoa, easy exercise and super cold air all in one spot.

—Enjy El-Kadi, web producer



5. Put on Moisturizer

Shaq lotion
Image: Giphy 


I put body lotion in the fridge, then use it to cool off my skin while moisturizing. #multitasking 

—Catherine Toth Fox, food and dining editor



6. Go Gr0cery Shopping 

Photo: Diane Lee 


Costco’s produce section: You can cool off while doing your grocery shopping. Pick up some fresh broccoli, mini bell peppers and organic blueberries in a room with the air conditioning on full blast. That feels so good. 

—Diane Lee, digital media manager