50 First Dates: It Happened Every Night

Date No. 8 has all the makings of a rom-com: mistaken identity, a lonely single gal getting swept up by a handsome charmer and a whirlwind montage of daily dates. Did the romance burn hot and quick in a one movie deal? Or is this affair a multiseason series with a happily ever after?

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Switched at first date

Hawaii rom com


What I was looking for at the time

I was a single girl living in Hawai‘i, away from my family, just looking for a NICE guy—not a party guy. It was shocking that someone could be good looking and nice.


How we met

My roommate and I met him through another friend. I thought he was the cutest, most handsome, nicest guy and I was so excited when he called to ask me out. I said yes but I was apprehensive because I’d heard he was quite the ladies’ man. (I wasn’t the only one who noticed this guy. The fact that my friend said he knew so many girls scared me. Seemed wherever we went some girl would say hi to him.)


Where we went

He asked me to go for a cocktail at Henri Louie’s restaurant in Waikīkī.


The lowdown

He was so nice (and did I mention handsome?). When he brought me home though, I was still wary of his reputation. So as soon as the car stopped, I leaped out of the car, turned around to poke my head in the window to say good night and ran off.


How did it end/where are they now?

The next day, amazingly, he called to go out again that night. We began going out every single night. If you go out every single night you see every movie, go to every event, every concert, every restaurant. Every single night. He would even leave work to pick me up for daily lunch. He was spending all his money on the daily dates, and then my brothers came to town and he took all of us around. I never heard one complaint.


After only one week he had begun saying he wanted to get married. And after going out every single night for six months straight, I said, “yes.” We have now been married (and have lived in the same Kailua house) for 50 years!


Anything else?

After we began going out, he finally made a confession: When he called to initially ask me out, he thought he was talking to my roommate! He was actually asking my roommate out. When I showed up, he was pretty surprised but nice enough to take me out without a word about his mistake.


And he’s still the nicest guy.


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