50 First Dates: He Was Hanging Out Just to Get His Money Back

The boy from Date No. 9 was everywhere—until it came time to pick up the check.

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  He Was Hanging Out Just to Get His Money Back


What I was looking for at the time

Someone fun who would want to come with me to events, parties, hangouts, all that jazz.


How we met

I was walking to work when he approached me on the street. I normally avoid interacting with strangers downtown, but he seemed clean and not scary—an actual Nice Guy. Turns out he recognized me from an event we both attended a few weeks before (impressive!) and wanted to say hi. He was sort of new in town and wanted to go out for drinks, so I gave him my number and agreed to meet him for pau hana on Friday.

  new in town

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Where we went

The weird thing is, I bumped into him again that week before our date. It felt like the universe was trying to set us up. Then on Friday, we arrived at Aloha Beer Co. at the same exact time (see, fate!) and he ordered the first round.


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The lowdown

I really liked talking to him about everything from our jobs to what music we like to our favorite movies. The conversation was fun and engaging and it seemed like we were both genuinely interested in one another. After a few drinks (all of which he paid for) we hugged and parted ways. It was a solid date. Or so I thought.


How did it end/where are they now?

I kept seeing him around randomly, whether it was before work, after work, even during a work meeting outside my office once. My friends thought it was too weird, as if he were following me. But the more time we spent together, the more it seemed like he just wanted to be friends. At first he would always pay, even when I offered. Then we started splitting the bill. I’m fine with paying for what I order—and with being just friends—but the last straw was when he came with me and my friends to a bar, ordered a bunch of food to share and then didn’t reach for the bill. He didn’t even pay for his beer. When I grabbed the check I realized the only reason he was continuing to go out was to recoup his losses from our first few dates. I stopped reaching out to him after that and, curiously, haven’t seen him around since.


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paying the bill


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