50 First Dates: He Asked Her Out for Dinner and Then Refused to Order Food

The lesson from Date No. 11? READ. THE. BIO.

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What I was looking for at the time

What I’ve always been looking for, the two F’s: Forever, or, barring that, just Food.


How we met

This guy whose Plenty of Fish profile seemed normal enough asked me on a dinner date, presumably because my profile unapologetically stated “I need food” in the headline. Anyone who’s sifted through the rubble on a dating app knows that someone who actually reads is a rarity these days, so I agreed to meet him at 7.


Where we went

Pint + Jigger.


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The lowdown

We ordered beers and he immediately proceeded to ramble about his life history and interests, barely stopping to take a breath, let alone give me a chance to speak. Almost an hour in, when he finally paused to ask me what I thought of some episode of Rick and Morty (listed on my profile as one of my favorite shows), I jumped on the opportunity to inquire whether he was as hungry as I was and whether he planned on ordering some food. He replied that he wasn’t hungry because he’d had a big lunch! As he continued prattling on, I texted my best friend under the table for an SOS, doubting my date even noticed my uncharacteristic but not unwarranted rude move. Five minutes later my phone rang, and I dashed out in relief with the hasty explanation that it was a “work-related call” (which wasn’t a lie since my bestie and I are working on a kids’ book together).


How did it end/where are they now?

Back home, I texted a quick “thanks for the beer. Sorry, I don’t think this will work out. Good luck out there!” before blocking him (to avoid the probable backlash) and then microwaving something frozen. I felt a little bad, but hey, don’t ask someone on a dinner date if you aren’t planning to be hungry, especially if the person’s headline stresses the importance of food!


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