50 First Dates: From a Friendship in Kaka‘ako to a Globe-Trotting Love Affair

Date No. 15 started off slightly scandalous. But with a little patience, a strong bond took this now heartbroken singleton around the world in 730 days.

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Out of all the loves in his life, he just can’t forget the one who got away.
katy perry
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What I was looking for at the time

I had just ended a nine-year relationship with someone I was engaged to. I needed a friend.


How we met

It was a little scandalous. I was best friends with his boyfriend at the time, who was also a co-worker of mine. The three of us became inseparable best friends and did everything together.


prison break


Where we went

We both had the same day off from work. He asked me to breakfast and I took him to Tango Contemporary Café.


The lowdown

I was so nervous as this was the first time we hung out alone without his boyfriend. We were just meeting up as friends, but his boyfriend didn’t know about it and we both got dressed up for a casual meal. He said he wore his Gucci shoes to impress me. It totally felt like a date. When he wasn’t looking I snapped a photo of him on my phone so that I could admire him on my personal time.


bruno mars


How did it end/where are the now?

Months later he and his boyfriend broke up. I hung out with each of them separately, trying to console them through the breakup. Eventually his boyfriend and I lost touch while he and I grew closer and began a romantic relationship. We saw each other every day and texted throughout the day whenever we were apart. He moved in with me and we became more than lovers but the best of friends anyone could ever have. We traveled the world together and created so many indelible memories to last a lifetime. Partying in New York City until 5 in the morning, enjoying the magnificent city lights atop a Ferris wheel in Paris, laughing nonstop in a crowded café in Amsterdam, making wishes together at Meiji Jingu Shrine in Tokyo. We were each other’s support system, partners in crime and were destined to grow old together. Everyone was rooting for us.


call me by your name


We dated for two years before he moved back to California to be near his family. I couldn’t move because of work. It was a tough decision that I supported because I wanted him to be happy. I think of him everyday at every moment. Every now and then I dine at Tango Contemporary Café alone for breakfast because it brings back fond memories of our first date. I even pull up the photo I snapped of him that morning. It’s the place where everything started and one moment I continue to cherish and still hold onto.


the one that got away


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