50 First Dates: A Millennial Love Story—Tinder, Tacos and Thank U, Next

Date No. 6 seemed to be with “Mr. Right,” until it turned into “How to lose a guy in five days.”

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What I was looking for at the time

I’m a relationship type of girl.


How we met

I was swiping my way through Tinder, as one does when they are bored and single. I normally don’t swipe right on men with minimal info in their bios. (To me, that means they’re trying to coast by on their looks, aka just looking for a hookup. Or they’re not interesting enough to come up with something clever. Either way, not into it.) But something about his photos intrigued me. Congrats to me—it was a match!


However, he kept only texting me after 11 p.m., which made me think I was right: definitely looking for a hookup. Every time he asked me to hang out my answer was the same: no, no, no. Try again during the day, buddy.


Where we went

Well, he did try again during the day. His timing was fortuitous: My original plans for the evening had just been canceled and I really didn’t want to go straight home after work. We agreed to meet downtown and decide from there. I asked him if he’d ever been to the Moroccan Lebanese spot Kan Zaman (RIP) and he said no, so of course I had to introduce him to one of my favorite restaurants.


The lowdown

Everything was perfect: The conversation flowed naturally (he explained that he worked in a restaurant and that he was messaging me after work—not dialing B for booty), we bonded over our love of food (we even joked about starting a taco truck together), the food was amazing (merguez couscous FTW) and even the ambiance was romantic (we were seated in the outdoor patio with string lights and Middle Eastern music playing softly in the background). Afterward, we wandered around downtown, eventually making our way to Aloha Tower and talking by the water. I didn’t want the night to end, but once we realized how late it’d gotten, he walked me back to my car and hello, first kiss! It was perfect, just like everything else that evening.


How did it end/where are they now?

We saw each other almost every day for about five days: He’d meet me downtown for lunch one day, we’d walk around Waikīkī another. He’d text me before and after his shift at work. And we even made plans to attend future food events together. But, when we did have the inevitable “what are we” talk, he told me he wasn’t looking for a relationship, and we agreed to be “friends”—who never text, speak or hang out. We still follow each other on Instagram though. Welcome to dating in 2019.

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