3 Ways to Brunch It for Valentine’s Day

Ditch dinner plans and turn Sunday into a love fest of food.
Nothing says Valentine’s Day like Pint + Jigger’s Hulk BLT, with fried green tomatoes, tons of bacon and avocado.
Photo: Kawehi Haug


We won’t get into the whole “Valentine’s Day sucks” thing. That’s so college freshman. But we will say this: Sunday is Valentine’s Day, and maybe you want to get all up in it and do the day up right with whomever is down to do it with you. Nothing wrong with that. Or maybe you and your person (and, by person, we mean homie, kid, granny, roommate, yoga partner … ) want to spend this Sunday doing something decidedly un-Valentinesy. Because when was the last time you went on a date in the morning, with bloody marys? Think about it: What better way to spend Valentine’s Day Sunday than brunching and cocktailing with your besties? If there’s anything that screams L-O-V-E, it’s a steak-and-eggs benny and a morning martini. These are our Top 3 picks for a boozy breakfast. Let the morning madness begin.


Early Bird Catches a Buzz, Duke’s Waikīkī

Let’s get back to day-drinking basics: Duke’s is the OG of breakfasting on the beach like a tourist with no place to be but at the omelet station with a super-rum-punched Duke’s mai tai holding your seat at the table. Duke’s definitely gets crowded, but that’s part of the fun. Get in there, grab a table, order a fruity, blended umbrella drink and take it all in and admit it: This is definitely part of why you love these Islands.

2335 Kalākaua Ave., inside the Outrigger Waikīkī Beach Resort. Breakfast buffet from 7 to 10:30 a.m., $17, cocktails $10–$12. Reservations suggested for large groups. 922-2268.


Beer and Brunch, Brunch and Beer, Pint + Jigger

Whether we’re brunching at one of our favorite watering holes first thing in the morning (rarely) or after we’ve had a minute to get ourselves together after Saturday night, the one thing on Pint + Jigger’s well-rounded brunch menu that we must get every time is the Hulk BLT. Fried green tomatoes, tons of bacon, avocado and sourdough? Oh, hells yeah. Want to kick it up a notch (not that you need to)? Wash it down with a Kim Chee Who! bloody mary. Because bacon needs a kim chee-spiced mary. It just does. Like your brunch sweet? Get the Crêpe á la P+J. We like ours with strawberries and cream. With an orange juice. Mixed with beer. It’s a thing.

1936 S. King St. Sunday brunch from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., entrees $8–$13, cocktails $8–$11. 744-9593.


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Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

Not that we think you think you need a date-alternative plan for Valentine’s Day, but, in case you, we got you. And you can be in and out before the real daters show up. Sometimes it’s all about the splurge, and our favorite way to get our fancy pants on is with really good steak and really great cocktails. While steak is normally reserved for dinner, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse turns tradition on its end with a brunch menu that’s every bit as refined as its dinner menu, with serious steakhouse offerings like a filet mignon eggs Benedict, steak tartare, and steak and eggs with Wolfgang’s signature 28-day dry-aged New York sirloin. Start with the restaurant’s signature Breakfast Martini, an inspired blend of vodka, orange marmalade and orange juice; or with a classic (and here, perfectly made) bellini. And, to be honest, our one Valentine’s Day dinner at Wolfgang’s was great, but we like it better on a night when all of Waikīkī isn’t there, too. Sunday brunch is the perfect compromise.

2301 Kalākaua Ave., on the third floor of the Royal Hawaiian Center. Sunday brunch from 11 a.m., entrees from $12, cocktails from $10. 922-3600.