2024 Hawai‘i College Guide

Give your future college student the best leg up with our Hawai‘i College Guide that covers preparation guidance like finances and testing.


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The college journey is an experience and accomplishment that is often a trajectory for lifetime success. This is why HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to graduate with a college degree.


We’ve partnered with HONOLULU Magazine to create the 2024 College Guide, a comprehensive resource to help both parents and students navigate the college planning process. Answers to common questions from choosing the right school, to financial aid and budgeting, are all included in this guide.


Financial wellness for our members and the community is a foundational cornerstone at HawaiiUSA. We know the benefits of higher education and are proud of our roots as a credit union for educators. We are committed to lifelong learning and providing financial education resources in the classroom, for our members, and in the community.


We hope this year’s College Guide not only eases your concerns and questions about such a complex, yet pivotal milestone, but that it brings to life the dream of college for your student.


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Mahalo nui loa,

Greg Young

President & CEO

HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union




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See below for a flipbook of the 2024 College Guide.