18 Things That Are Sold Out at Honolulu’s Downtown Walmart Thanks to Hurricanes Iselle and Julio

Here’s a list of 18 hot items that are nearly sold out at Walmart.

Soon after news broke that Hurricanes Iselle and Julio were barreling toward Hawaii, locals scrambled to the nearest grocery store to build their non-existent natural disaster survival kits. (Check out our handy grocery list of Everything You Need to Buy to Survive Hurricane Iselle.)

At the Walmart in downtown Honolulu, it was like Black Friday all over again — frantic shoppers and crazy, long lines. We’re not yet convinced another Iniki is coming, but we’ll find out soon enough. So far we’re expecting gusty winds and heavy rain to reach Oahu on Aug. 7. 

“Don’t worry about the hurricane,” a confident Walmart employee told us. “I sleep better at night knowing the air will be cooler.” 

A Walmart employee assisted a lady looking for butane and a stove. Bad news: Sold out. That wasn’t the only item frenzied shoppers cleared off the shelves. Here’s a list of 18 hot items that are nearly sold out at Walmart. 


1. Boxed wine 

Photos: Ambika Castle 


2. Saltine crackers 


3. Vienna sausage 


4. Bottled water 


5. Bread 


6. Candles


7. Flashlights 


8. Butane gas 


9. Ranch veggie straws


10. Aquatainer


11. White pail 


12. Battery pump 


13. Rope


14. Folding stove 


15. Beef jerky


16. Jameson Irish Whiskey


17. AA batteries


18. Hapa blend rice