15,000 People From Japan Just Flew to Hawai‘i – Here’s Why

The Japanese pop group Arashi is in town for a two-day concert at Ko ‘Olina. Here are some fun facts about the popular five-member boy band.
Photo: Courtesy of Arashi


Sept. 15, 1999

They formed on a cruise ship off O‘ahu.



The number of fans from Japan who flew to O‘ahu on a special package tour. 



The number of fans who will see the show live in Hawai‘i.



The number of fans who will view the concert in Japan’s Toei Theaters.



The number of buses used to transport fans to and from Ko ‘Olina.


Sept. 19 & 20, 2014

The Friday and Saturday concerts in Ko ‘Olina will be their first U.S. appearance.


$8 Million

The estimated cost of production for the concert.


63 feet tall, 280 feet wide and 64 feet deep

The size of the stage, which is being called the “largest ever erected in Hawai‘i.”



The cost of a general admission ticket.



The cost for parking a car at the event.