13 Entertaining Movies for Scaredy Cats and Horror Fans to Watch This Halloween

Planning to stay indoors this Halloween? We recommend these movies whether you’re a horror fan or a wimp—there’s something for every taste.

This story originally appeared online in October 2017.


Casper the Friendly Ghost

Who doesn't love a friendly ghost? 

—Stacey Makiya, senior fashion editor



Cabin in the Woods 

It’s spooky, but it’s also a parody of scary movies. 

—Thomas Goodwin, associate art director 



Corpse Bride 

We go OG! We have the DVD! Tim Burton is a family favorite at our house around any holiday and Corpse Bride mixes cool stop-motion, action animation, a Danny Elfman soundtrack and a story about love and devotion with wacky Pythonesque touches including dancing skeletons. We’re not fans of slasher flicks so this totally works. 

—Robbie Dingeman, editor in chief



Death Becomes Her 

Growing up, I really loved watching this 1992 fantasy flick starring Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep. If you came across a potion that promised immortality, would you drink it? This movie will make you think twice. Do you really want to live forever? Watch Death Becomes Her to find out the fate of the characters. 

—Diane Lee, digital media manager 



Donnie Darko 

Donnie Darko is more creepy than scary, but I really loved watching the movie over and over to wrap my mind around time travel and figure out what exactly happened. I’m still not sure, but Frank the Bunny asking Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, “Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?” always gives me chills.

—Katrina Valcourt, managing editor 



Hocus Pocus 

The charming Salem scenery, the quippy one-liners, the wacky Sanderson sisters’ plans run amok—I love it all! Plus, Bette Midler is just one badass head-W.I.C. (Witch In Charge). Dost thou comprehend? 

—Brie Thalmann, managing fashion editor 




I recently took my brother to see Stephen King’s It, and while it was a really good film, I found Pennywise the clown terrifying. A clown that lives in the sewers and preys on unsuspecting children every 27 years? Definitely scary. I’ll never look at red balloons the same way again.

—Nikki Oka, account coordinator



Sleepy Hollow 

Because I’m a total scaredy cat and that’s the only “scary” movie I’m willing to watch. Bonus: Johnny Depp. 

—Enjy El-Kadi, web producer 



Spookley the Square Pumpkin

The kids like it. There is a good moral to the story. 

—Christy Davis, marketing manager 



The Autopsy of Jane Doe 

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is one of the best horror movies that I have seen in recent memory. A mysterious body of a woman shows up at a local coroner’s office run by a father-and-son duo. As they start to examine the body to identify who she is and what happened to her, they unravel the dark secrets her body is keeping. My recommendation is don’t watch the trailer, watch this in the dark, and if you hear a bell ring, RUN!

—Gary Saito, contributing art director



The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Mostly because I love Tim Burton. 

—Christine Labrador, art director 



The Uninvited 

It’s a beautiful ghost story with a theme song that became a jazz standard. 

—Don Wallace, senior editor 



The Wizard of Oz 

I was obsessed with wicked witches as a kid and to this day don’t know why. I watched this VHS tape until it wouldn’t rewind any more!

—Louis Scheer, art director