12 local food businesses on Instagram that we’re drooling over

From baked goods and lemon peel gummies to ready-to-heat meals, there's an Insta-business for every local craving
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If there’s a silver lining to the pandemic’s effects on our restaurant industry, it’s that furloughed chefs and hospitality workers are popping up on Instagram with their own creative ventures. Open up the app and you’ll discover people going bonkers for items like beef birria tacos, stuffed mochi, yuzu lemon peel gushers and more. Bottom line: There’s a local Insta-biz to satisfy just about any craving. 

Scroll down to see how you can support these budding businesses that are certified by the Hawaii State Department of Health or owned by certified food handlers.

1. @bakingforfunsies


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What they make: Apple cinnamon walnut crumb cake, mango bread, Brown Butter Bourbon Snickerdoodz, Valrhona Fudgey Chocolate Crinkles
How to order: DM on Instagram

2. @bitesize808


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What they make: Truffles, brownies, tarts, lemon peel gummies, butter mochi and more
How to order: DM on Instagram or order thru their website

3. @chef_bkaji


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What they make: Signature smoked marlin dip, luau plates, pickled onions, boiled peanuts and more
How to order: Text 754-0404

4. @hbbaking75


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What they make: Bibingka brownies, fresh fruit and ice cream pies, custom desserts 
How to order: DM on Instagram

5. @islandcravesllc

What they make: Birria tacos, poi cheesecake crunch, stuffed mochi, banana bread, pumpkin crunch mochi and more
How to order: DM on Instagram (private account)

6. @madebyaliyoko 


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What they make: Banana pudding, cookies, scones, bars and more
How to order: DM on Instagram. Treats also available for purchase throughout the week at Ethel’s Grill and scheduled pop-up events.

7. @mangan_tayon_808


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What they make: A rotating weekly menu
How to order: DM on Instagram

8. @satocooks (Maui)


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What they make: Ramen bowls and family meals

How to order: DM on Instagram

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9. @sticky_fingers_gummies


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What they make: Yuzu lemon peel gummies, astronaut ice cream and freeze-dried snacks
How to order: DM on Instagram

10. @tambryandmochi


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What they make: Butter mochi, stuffed mochi
How to order: DM for custom orders. The mochi menu (flavors and fillings) and availability are posted on Monday evenings. Check Instagram for updates.

11. @these_stuffed_cookies


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What they make: Stuffed cookies, brownies, cheesecakes and more
How to order: Online via thesestuffedcookies.com

12. @voila.thegoodstuff


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What they make: Easy-to-prepare premium meal kits
How to order: DM on Instagram or via www.voilathegoodstuff.com