11 Ways to Fight Frizz in Hawaiian Humidity

Try these tips from hair stylist Bevin Malina for a tame mane.

You’re feeling a bit over your head this morning. Over this head of summertime frizz, that is. Just when you thought you had your tresses under control, you wake up with a 'do that looks like Medusa gone wild. And forget about trying to navigate the oodles of products that claim to be “frizz-defying” or “curl-taming." It's enough to make your head spin.
Put away that evil flat iron and read these do’s and don’ts for keeping curls under control from hair stylist Bevin Malina, who has worked her magic on photo shoots for HONOLULU Magazine and HONOLULU Shops. A local girl herself, she’s thrown in some of her favorite tips for keeping a tame mane with an Island lifestyle.
Finally: Time to let that hair down.

  • Don’t use a brush. The more bristles a brush has, the more likely hair will frizz. Go for a wide-toothed comb or your fingers, and keep it in the shower to comb through hair while it’s conditioned and easy to handle.
  • Don’t wash daily. You can skip a day between shampoos, but be sure to massage your scalp to stimulate the roots to avoid clogging them with oil. You should still condition every day, because conditioners lock in moisture and help repel dirt and oil.
  • Do use a shampoo that is specifically designed to smooth hair. Try a sulfate-free one that doesn't have harsh drying detergents that strip your hair of its natural oils. Our favorite? The L'Oréal EverCurl sulfate-free line, made with hibiscus extract and grape seed oil. $6.99–$8.99, lorealparisusa.com.
  • Do take that extra time with conditioner. Start your shower by focusing on your hair, giving the product time to soak in. Rinse out conditioner in cold water to close hair cuticles. Try Living Proof No Frizz Conditioner, $24, sephora.com.
  • Do a deep-conditioning treatment once a week. You can even use items from your kitchen: Try an avocado mixed with one tablespoon of olive oil and apply to clean, wet hair. Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse.
  • Do tend to dry ends, and never skip the smoothing serum! Run the serum through the ends—never the roots—of your hair until the entire product has been absorbed.
  • Don’t dry with a towel. Dry with a 100-percent cotton T-shirt, instead—it’s much softer on your waves.
  • Don’t blow dry. Instead, air dry. If you absolutely must blow dry, use a concentrator attachment to direct the airflow downward, from roots to the tips. This will cause the hair cuticles to lie down nicely and produce a smooth and shiny blowout.
  • Do keep a mini hairspray bottle on hand. If you feel your hair starting to frizz up throughout the day, spray hairspray on your hands and smooth any flyaways. 
  • Do condition at the beach. Apply conditioner to your wet hair, and then tie into a high bun. The natural heat from the sun will open up your hair cuticles and allow the product to penetrate for a deep condition.
  • Do de-grease with baby powder. In lieu of shampooing, get rid of oiliness by dusting some baby powder onto your hands, then rubbing onto your roots a little at a time.