11 Things Every Local Should Resolve To Do in 2015

Start the new year right with some Hawai‘i specific resolutions.


Adapted from our April 2011 story 43 Things Every Local Must Do.


We all have our own bucket lists for the new year, but there’s always one common thread—take more advantage of our beautiful Island home. You can always tell yourself to travel more, but why do that when there’s so much awaiting you right in your own backyard? This new year, here are a few fun and simple things you can resolve to do right at home.


1. Cook with more local ingredients

Support your local farmers and markets by shopping for local ingredients when you can. It’s better for your health (fresh produce is more nutritious), and good for our economy. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg–just grab the local choice over the Mainland option next time you’re at Costco. For more local food sources, click here.


Oysters grown at Kualoa Ranch. PHOTO: ELYSE BUTLER MALLAMS



2. Make a lei

There’s no shortage of plumerias, so next year when you have a Mainland visitor, make their arrival a little more special by making the lei yourself. Not into flowers? Here’s how you can make leis out of more unusual leaves.


3. Go cardboard sliding

No snow, no problem. Who knows what Kaka‘ako Water Front park will become with all the development in the area, so make sure to get your cardboard sliding in next year.


4. Try every awesome shave ice spot on O‘ahu

It’s easy to get stuck in a shave ice rut and go to the same place, over and over. Expand your horizons. Here’s a handy list of the 8 best shave ice spots on O’ahu.


5. Try one new hiking trail you’ve never been to

Like with shave ice, people are creatures of habit. Whether your spot is Koko Head or the trails of Tantalus, replace one of your regular hikes with something new. If you’re a townie, drive over to ‘Aiea and give the ‘Aiea Loop Trail a try. Here’s a list of 20 great hikes to get you started.





6. Take the scenic route

Say you live in town and need go to Kahala Mall. You could hop on the freeway. Or, you could drive around Diamond Head, and stop to watch the waves. Going to the North Shore. Try driving through Kāne’ohe. Ho’omaluhia, Kualoa Ranch and the beaches by Lāʻie will never get old.


7. Catch a wave

If you aren’t taking to the waves, you’re missing out on one of the best things Hawai‘i has to offer. Whether it’s surfing, bodyboarding, or just body surfing, resolve to catch a wave in the new year. Even if you’re one of those rare locals that hates the ocean, at least you can say you’ve done it.


8. Throw your best shaka

Don’t be that humbug guy that gives stink eye to every crazy driver on the road. Make it your new year’s resolution to drive with aloha, and throw at least one shaka instead. It’ll make everyone happier, yourself included.


9. Jump off a wall

Whether it’s freshwater ponds—Jackass Ginger or Maunawili—or ocean spots—China Walls, Waimea Bay—the water is better from above. Take part in this local tradition and jump off at least one new wall in the new year.


10. Learn one song on the ‘ukulele

Almost everyone has a dusty old ‘ukulele at home. Even if you’ve never played, it or any other instrument in your life, there are plenty of resources online to get you strumming in no time. If Island jams aren’t your thing, try learning a song by one of these mainstream Mainland rockers that have taken to our favorite local instrument. Don’t you remember “My Dog Has Fleas?”


11. Try a new brunch spot

2014 was the year of the brunch in Honolulu. Make 2015 the year you try at least one of the many new spots that just opened. Here’s a list of 7 to help you out.