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Local shopping picks from Hawaii Five-0’s costumers

As Scene on TV


Erika Aresta and Michael Fong take a break in one of the wardrobe trailers at Hawai‘i Film Studio in Kaimuki. Photo: David Croxford.

You’ve always been a bit of a fashion detective, investigating the latest magazines and scoping out runway shows for hot tips on the next big trends. You could spot a fake Louis out of a line-up faster than it takes to say “Book 'em ...” well, you know.

So it’s no surprise that you’ve sniffed out a wardrobe leader in hit show Hawaii Five-0, evidence of the hard work of its own fashion police, costumers and locals Erika Aresta and Michael Fong. The stlying duo seamlessly transition the stars from sexy SWAT gear to board shorts and bikinis on the daily.

Below, the talented pair spills about their favorite Oahu shopping spots and the brands they reach for, both on and off set.

Manuhealii and Rix have very bold designs and work well for local party scenes. Manuhealii has more of a retro-Hawaii feel and Rix designs are a little unusual.”—M.F.
Kaiwi Kiwi Shock aloha shirt, $54, Manuhealii, 5 Hoolai St., Kailua, 261-9865.

“My all-time favorite Hawaii designer is Ari Southiphong. Her Andy South collection is all about beautiful, ultra-feminine lines and elegant fabrics. Her atelier in Chinatown is a fabulous place to shop.”—E.A.
Lenka skirt, $195, Andy South atelier, 12 S. King St., 744-1167, by appointment only.

“Some of my favorites are Vince T-shirts and Prada suits for McGarrett, Theory shirts and Burberry slacks for Danno, and Tori Richard 56 aloha shirts for Chin Ho.”—M.F.
Vince crew-neck T-shirt, $48, Turquoise, 333 Seaside Ave. #150, 922-5893.

Chenoa Designs in Kailua makes beautiful jewelry incorporating Tahitian pearls. Designer Chenoa Salmon made me gorgeous two-tiered gold earrings. I love her stuff!”—E.A.
Double Leaf 14K-goldfill earrings with Tahitian pearls, $220, Muumuu Heaven, 767 Kailua Road, Kailua, 263-3366.

“We use Rag and Bone, and AG cigarette and skinny jeans from Neiman Marcus a lot on our actresses."—E.A.
Rag and Bone/Jean Woodford skinny jean, $176, Neiman Marcus, Ala Moana Center, 951-8887.

“And, for shoes, Jeffrey Campbell from Nordstrom is great.”—E.A.
Vintage by Jeffrey Campbell In Love flats, $89.95, Nordstrom, Ala Moana Center, 953-6100.

“Fishcake in Kakaako is good for home furnishings and décor. It has such an unusual collection of items. When shopping for that someone who has everything, you can usually find something there.”—M.F.
Andrew Mau Shaka bronze bottle opener, $100, Fishcake, 307C Kamani St., 593-1231.

“Martin and MacArthur
stocks great koa wood pieces. I love to stuff their bowls with local goodies and ship them as gifts to the Mainland.”—E.A.
Martin & MacArthur natural-edge carved koa bowl, $445, Martin & MacArthur, Waikiki Beach Walk, 447-2797.

For Erika Aresta's and Michael Fong’s top shopping picks, pick up the Spring 2014 issue of HONOLULU Shops or click here, and catch their styling skills in action in the next, all-new episode of Hawaii Five-0, this Friday at 9 p.m. on KGMB.

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