Highlights from UH-Manoa's senior fashion show

Runway Success


Dreamboat by Jenna Sato
Photos by Tommy Shih

Explorer's Log: The search for up-and-coming designers has taken a fruitful turn. Our latest expedition - to the front row of University of Hawaii at Manoa's Apparel Product Design & Merchandising Program's senior fashion show - yielded impressive discoveries. Here, our favorites of the bunch.

Dreamboat by Jenna Sato (above)
Inspiration: '50s silhouettes mixed with '80s-inspired prints.
Why we love it: We can't stop thinking about the impeccable tailoring, flattering use of lines, cutouts, and sheer panels, and our favorite look of the night - a red-carpet-worthy striped bustier gown.

Fold by Breanne Lee

Fold by Breanne Lee
Inspiration: folding techniques and traditional origami pieces.
Why we love it: Intricate folds, seams and edges brilliantly highlight the paper-like quality of synthetic Tyvek fabric, though a puffy, lantern-like dress feels more artistic than wearable.

Duality by Mari Nakamura

Duality by Mari Nakamura
Inspiration: functional outerwear with a unique mix of fabric and textures.
Why we love it: Fun mashups, like a tuxedo-striped moto jacket and peplum vest with sequined arm warmers, exude a fresh edgy-meets-elegant vibe. A studded, removable cape-jacket hybrid needs refining, but earns points for originality.

Moonshine by Patricia Clariza

Moonshine by Patricia Clariza
Inspiration: sharp and soft silhouettes infused with '20s and '30s glamour.
Why we love it: We applaud Clariza's modern take on The Great Gatsby trend - sequined flapper-style dresses and turbans, and a slinky, though slightly puckered, pleated gown with feathered train. (Note: See how our fashion editors take on the Roaring Twenties when the May issue of HONOLULU Magazine hits newsstands this week!)

Renewable Energy & Modern Zen

Renewable Energy & Modern Zen
Inspiration: tranquil fluorescence of light energy.
Why we love it: This senior collaboration deserves an honorable mention for its inspirational use of lights and glow-in-the-dark fabrics. Our only complaint: stunning details were lost once the room went dark.

Like what you see? Stay tuned for a full gallery on HONOLULUMagazine.com!

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