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6 Reasons to Try Morimoto Asia Waikīkī’s New Happy Hour Right Now

With $5 dishes and cocktails, you can experience tapas-sized new dishes, or twists on dinner-menu plates.


Morimoto Dinner



When we heard that Morimoto Asia Waikīkī—home of delish dumplings and noodles—was launching a happy hour, our interest was piqued. When we discovered it meant the restaurant was offering $5 dishes and cocktails, it was non-negotiable: We had to try it.


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The takoyaki.


And, since we take our work seriously, we tried every one of those $5 dishes. Take a gander at our mini-spread, which made for a perfectly satisfying happy hour:

  • Yakisoba noodles, plated in a darling mini Staub skillet and topped with crispy pork and pickled ginger.

  • Three takoyaki, puffy little balls with warm and gooey batter insides offering up bits of chewy octopus and topped with bonito and sweet okonomi sauce.

  • Wasabi shrimp, delicious bites of spicy and crispy fried morsels doused in an indulgently heavy-handed dose of a creamy wasabi concoction. Ideal for snacking on mid-conversation, between cocktails.

  • The most charming duo of sliders, with the tiniest buns surrounding wee meatballs doused in a delightful spicy-sweet sauce.

  • The Asian tacos boast an unexpectedly hefty fried wonton shell giving way to a creamy cheese filling hiding slivers of beef.


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The lychee cocktail was delicate and restrained on the sweetness scale, like a lightly perfumed, gently spiked tonic. If you’re looking for head-swimmingly strong drinks, go elsewhere. If you’re looking for something nice to sip over pau hana chats, you’ve found your place.


Also on offer, in a similarly mild-meets-pleasant vein: Kirin (get it with a frozen foam head or not) and prosecco.


Happy hour is only offered in the bar area—a wonderfully sleek, well-designed, trendy and contemporary space.





All in all: A perfectly pleasant and serviceable happy hour—but it ain’t dinner (although a pair of light eaters could get full on all five dishes). It’s also definitely not a reflection of the best that Morimoto Asia has to offer, though, so take advantage of the fact that the full menu is available in the bar and splurge on a few additional choice selections. While I doubt I’d feel compelled to schlep myself out to the madness of Waikīkī for these eats and drinks solo—something I’d definitely do for a really top-tier, craveable dinner—it’s a fabulous destination for a pau hana catch-up with pals.


Morimoto Asia Waikīkī, 2490 Kalākaua Ave. Happy hour is every day from 57 p.m. in the bar area, morimotoasiawaikiki.com.



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