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The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Food

The best izakayas, sushi, ramen, okazuyas, mochi and more.


In Honolulu, we eat a lot of Japanese food. There are more Japanese restaurants in Hawaii than any other type of restaurant, whether you’re looking at listings in Yelp or the Yellow Pages. Izakayas, ramen bars, fast food sushi joints, hole-in-the-wall okazuyas with family recipes, straight-from-Japan imports specializing in one thing … The list goes on and on. Think of this as your guide to the best in a vast and varied landscape, your insider companion to places where unfamiliar ingredients and Sushi Nazis combine to create some of our favorite, soulful, and most authentic dining.

***** TOP 8 IZAKAYA *****
***** Ramen ***** ***** Sushi  **** ***** Udon *****
***** Street Eats ***** **** Off the Beaten Path ***** ***** Food Crawl *****
**** High-End ***** ***** Okinawan ***** ***** Okazuya *****
***** MoCHI *****


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