50 First Dates: Baby Got (a Text) Back

Our nameless lady on date No. 7 can thank Sir Mix-A-Lot for her new go-to drink order.


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What I was looking for at the time

I’d seen her around and always thought she was cute but didn’t think she would be interested in me. We hadn’t officially met and I didn’t have enough courage to follow her on Instagram.


How we met

I was invited to a party and didn’t realize she would be there. Once I spotted her, I immediately introduced myself and we ended up talking for hours. We exchanged phone numbers and I texted her once I got home. From the text exchange, we finally agreed to meet up for happy hour.


Where we went



The lowdown

We both worked in Downtown so it was an easy place for us to meet for happy hour. She ordered a gin and tonic, and I just had a Michelob Ultra. We ended up moving around from Manifest to Bar 35, ending at Smith’s Union Bar for karaoke. She sang “Baby Got Back” and I never felt so sure of someone in that moment.


How did it end/where are they now?

The date was successful, and we ended up being in a relationship. The relationship wasn’t successful though and I haven’t talked to her in five years. But, whenever I’m at a bar, I order a gin and tonic because of her.


baby got back


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