24 O‘ahu Hikes We Really Like

To celebrate National Take a Hike Day (Nov. 17), we’ve rounded up or top picks for the best hikes on our Island.


24. Ehukai Pillbox

A moderate hike with an Instagram-worthy World War II bunker and beautiful views of the North Shore.

Ehukai Pillbox

Photo: Alyssa Amasol


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Ehukai Pillbox


LENGTH: 1.6 miles roundtrip, 30 minutes to the top

FEE: None

WHERE: 59-178 Kamehameha Highway, Hale‘iwa



23. Mā‘ili Pillbox

This pillbox hike on the leeward side has stunning views of the west side of the Island and a bright pink bunker for breast cancer awareness.

Ma’ili Pillbox



Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Māʻili Pillbox Hike (Pink Pillbox Hike or Pu‘u O Hulu Trail)


LENGTH: 1 mile one way, about 1.5 hours total (2 miles round trip)

FEE: None

WHERE: Mā‘ili



22. Wiliwilinui Ridge

For a fun outing with the keiki or a challenging workout, this hike is great for everyone.

Wiliwilinui Ridge

Photo: savannah l. Murray


Fast facts

TRAIL NAME: Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail

DIFFICULTY: Moderate to challenging

LENGTH: 2.7 miles one way, about 4 hours total (5.4 miles round trip)

WHERE: ʻAina Haina



21. Keālia Trail

Watch breaching whales, see a steady stream of planes, gliders and parachutes and enjoy fantastic ocean views as you make your way up this easy trail.

Kealia Trail



Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Keālia trail


LENGTH: 1.5 miles one way, about an hour (3 miles round trip)

FEE: None

WHERE: Dillingham Airfield



20. Kalāwahine Trail

A stunning view doesn’t always require a killer climb.

Kalāwahine Trail



Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Kalāwahine Trail


LENGTH: 2.5 miles roundtrip



19. Mānoa Falls Trail

This popular hiking destination is a favorite among dog owners and families.

Manoa Falls

Photo: Katie Kenny


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Mānoa Falls Trail


LENGTH: 1.6 miles round trip

FEE: $5 parking fee

WHERE: 3737 Mānoa Road



18. Pu‘u Pia

An easy hike in the back of Mānoa Valley.

Pu‘u Pia



Fast Facts



LENGTH: 1.2 miles one way, about 40 minutes (2.4 miles round trip)

FEE: None

WHERE: Mānoa



17. Maunawili Trail

Get a killer cardio workout and great views on this long hike.

Maunawili Trail



Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Maunawili Trail

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate

LENGTH: 10 miles one way

FEE: None

WHERE: Pali Highway lookout to Waimānalo



16. Lanipō Trail

An up and down ridge hike with some sweet views.

Lanipo Trail



Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Lanipō Trail

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate/Difficult

LENGTH: 7.5 miles round trip

FEE: None

WHERE: Wilhelmina Rise to Maunalani Circle



15. Kuliʻouʻou Ridge Trail

A challenging hike with beautiful views of Kailua and Waimānalo.

Kuli‘ou‘ou Ridge Trail

Photo: Matt Tuohy


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Kuliʻouʻou Ridge Trail

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate

LENGTH: 2.5 miles one way

FEE: None

WHERE: The end of cul-de-sac at Kalaʻau Place in Kuliʻouʻou



14. ‘Aiea Loop Trail

This easy trail is a hike through a verdant forest with native trees.

‘Aiea Loop

Photo: Catherine Toth Fox


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: ‘Aiea Loop Trail


LENGTH: 4.8-mile loop

FEE: None

WHERE: 99-1849 ‘Aiea Heights Drive, ‘Aiea



13. Makapu‘u Point Lighthouse Trail

This popular trail is great for beginners and dog owners alike.




Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Makapu‘u Point Lighthouse Trail


LENGTH: 3 miles roundtrip

FEE: None

LOCATION: On Kalaniana‘ole Highway past Sandy Beach and before Makapu‘u Beach Park



12. Olomana Trail

A challenging hike near Kailua with incomparable views of the windward side.

Olomana Trail

Photo: Lorin Eleni Gill


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Olomana Trail

DIFFICULTY: Challenging

LENGTH: 4.5 miles roundtrip

FEE: None

WHERE: 770 Auloa Road, Kailua



11. Kapaʻeleʻele Trail

This hidden gem boasts a walk through jungle greenery, a peaceful incline through pine trees and a stunning ocean view.

Kapaʻeleʻele Trail



Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Kapaʻeleʻele Trail

DIFFICULTY: Easy to Moderate

LENGTH: 1.2 miles roundtrip, about an hour total

WHERE: Ahupuaʻa O Kahana State Park



10. Kaʻena Point Trail

Explore the beauty of O‘ahu’s Leeward Side from this coastal trail.

Ka‘ena Point Trail

Photo: Matt Tuohy


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Ka‘ena Point Trail


LENGTH: 2.4 miles one way

FEE: None

WHERE: The end of Farrington Highway (Hawaiʻi Route 93)



9. Hawai‘i Loa Ridge Trail

This challenging trail includes varied terrain and ends with a steep climb to a rewarding view.

Hawai‘i Loa Ridge Trail

Photo: Lorin Eleni Gill


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Hawai‘i Loa Ridge Trail

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate/Advanced

LENGTH: 3.9 miles roundtrip

FEE: None

WHERE: Hawai‘i Loa Ridge Trail Head, Pu‘uikena Drive



8. Makiki Valley Loop Trail

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life without leaving Honolulu.


Photo: Courtesy of Lennie Omalza


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Makiki Valley Loop Trail


LENGTH: 2.5 miles roundtrip

FEE: None

WHERE: Hawaiʻi Nature Center, 2131 Maikiki Heights Drive



7. Moanalua Valley Trail

Also known as Kamananui Valley Road, this relaxing trail is great for the whole family.


Photo: Lennie Omalza


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Moanalua Valley Trail


LENGTH: 8 miles roundtrip

FEE: None

WHERE: 1857 Ala Aolani St.



6. Waimano Falls and Pools

A hidden trail in Pearl City that leads to a pool.


Photo: Catherine Toth Fox


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Waimano Falls and Pools (Mānana Trail)


LENGTH: 3 miles round trip

FEE: None

WHERE: Mānana Trail, at the top of Pacific Palisades.



5. Lanikai Pillbox Trail

A quick trek with a breathtaking view in Kailua


Photo: Enjy El-Kadi


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Lanikai Pillbox Trail


LENGTH: 1 mile roundtrip

FEE: None

WHERE: Kaelepulu Drive, Kailua



4. Judd Trail

This short Nu‘uanu jaunt will take you to an enchanting 10-foot waterfall and swimming hole.

Judd Trail

Photo: Lorin Eleni Gill


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Judd Trail to Jackass Ginger Pool


LENGTH: 1 mile round trip

FEE: None

WHERE: 4022 Nu‘uanu Pali Drive



3. Pu‘u Ma‘eli‘eli Digging Trail

An easy hike with a panoramic view of the Windward coast.


Photo: Jaclyn Saito


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Puʻu Maʻeliʻeli Digging Trail


LENGTH: 1.5 miles roundtrip

FEE: None

WHERE: Kāneʻohe, on the right side of Kahekili Highway (heading away from town), close to the Temple Valley Shopping Center



2. Wa‘ahila Ridge Trail

This moderate hike combines a good workout with spectacular views.

Wa‘ahila Ridge Trail

Photo: Katrina Valcourt


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Wa‘ahila Ridge Trail


LENGTH: 4.5 miles roundtrip

FEE: None

LOCATION: Wa‘ahila Ridge State Recreation Area, at the top of St. Louis Heights



1. Likeke Falls

A relaxing trek on the windward side.

Likelike Falls

Photo: Celina Y.


Fast Facts

TRAIL NAME: Likeke Falls


LENGTH: 4 miles roundtrip

FEE: None

WHERE: 45-550 Kiona‘ole Road Road, Kāneʻohe




Hiking can be dangerous, and not every trail is a good idea for every person. Keep your personal fitness and skill level in mind, and always take proper precautions when venturing off road. Heed “no trespassing” and other warning signs.



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