World Pasta Day at Prima

6 p.m. last Thursday, Prima in Kailua. Thirteen fellow pasta fiends and I have converged on one of the island’s best restaurants for our specially created, this-time-only World Pasta Day celebration dinner. Course after course of carby goodness — that’s what we want. Surprise us! I’ve tweeted Prima. Wacky, traditional, anything!

But this? Seriously, the menu? I’m laughing.

When did you actually come up with the dishes? I ask Aker Briceno, one of the main guys.

Today, he shrugs.

His partner, Lindsey Ozawa, also shrugs. Three o’clock, he says.

OK. I chose Prima for our Pasta Day feast because the curry bolognese pappardelle reigns as the best pasta dish I’ve had on the island: silky, translucent fresh handmade noodles, a slow-cooked ragu that’s tinged with curry, and those deep-fried curry leaves that, when the dish is held up, catch the light like stained glass.

I have nothing to say. I trust Prima. We pour more wine, break out the chilled sake. Bring it, Prima. Bring on the carbs.

One with the noodle

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Thursday night, full house at Prima. Only our table of 14 gets this specially created pasta-fest. Many of us have carb-starved in anticipation (translation: We’re ravenous).

108 Hekili St.